vocaroo3I was recently made aware of this digital tool and have already thought of several ways to utilize it both for fun and profession applications. Vocaroo is, in their words, the premier voice recording service. It offers the user the opportunity to make a digital recording using features that are already on most devices. The recording is stored in the cloud and a hyperlink is generated to access it.

So, what can I do with this you ask? The way I have seen this used the most is in social media. You can record a message and share it with all yours friends simultaneously! “Thank you all for the birthday wishes!” I am also thinking about professional applications such as hyper-linked prerecorded audio in a PowerPoint presentation. With a little imagination I see great possibilities for this! Vocaroo.com

Press to hear it in action!

I tried it with my PC and also from my Android phone and here is how easy it is to use:

From a PC with a microphone just click record and when finished click to stop.

vocaroo2Here you can listen to  your recording, and you have the option to retry. When you are satisfied click and save the File.

vocaroo6Vocaroo will generate a hyperlink and even provide shortcuts to places where you may want to share!


On a tablet device such as an Android phone there is a second way to record a message. When you click upload your device is going to ask you where to get the File from.

vocaroo1On my Android, one of the options is voice recorder and it has an icon something like this. After I record my message I tap the paperclip icon in the record window and it uploads the File. from there the instructions are the same as above.